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We all love to travel

Let’s take a moment to explore this beautiful world we love to travel.  The daily grind always leaves us dreaming of a tropical beach or mountain range somewhere begging to be explored.  We love to plan our travel and take a little bit of time to unwind and unplug.  Travel is very important to our physical and mental well being.  We all need some time away to rest, recharge and reset.  Why do we love to travel?


Travel gives us a chance to challenge ourselves

When we go new places, and experience different climates and cultures, we expand our perspective. While traveling you may go ziplining and conquer your fear of heights, or climb a mountain.  Trying new foods helps us experience different cultures.  This also helps us appreciate people and ways of life that are different than our own.  You become a more well rounded individual as a result. Experiencing these aspects of a different culture can lead to a deeper appreciation of faith or spirituality.

Travel strengthens our relationships

When a happy young couple gets married, they usually take a honeymoon.  This form of travel helps strengthen their relatonship. The art of exploration and memories that are created on vacation can help our relationships grow closer and more intimate.  People get a chance to connect with each other and strengthen relationships.  A family vacation is something to treasure as well.  When we have uninterrupted time with our spouse and children we grow closer and make memories that last a lifetime.  We take many pictures and videos of our experience to document our time spent together.

Travel gives us opportunity to relax and escape

We all need to get away sometimes.  Work can be draining and demanding.  All work and no play does not leave you a very happy boy or girl.  Travel is a great outlet for us to relax and escape our normal routine. Whether you are looking for adventure, intimacy, or rest and relaxation the perfect destination is calling.  When you give your life a time out, your perspective can be refreshed and renewed.  This is why work retreats have become so popular.  This gives coworkers a chance to relax and connect on a more personal level.  Deepening interpersonal relationships is good for our health.  If you are ready for adventure, there is a lot of good information to check out by visiting AAA so get inspired and get out there….





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September 2023